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Love, mum(s)

I am very happy to announce I will be playing Grace in Love, mum(s) at The Actor's Centre.Love, Mum(s) is written by Sophia Miller de Vega and produced by Growing Pains Theatre. It forms part of the fourth John Thaw Initiative Motherhood(s) season at the Actors Centre, London.

Love, Mum(s) is an original verbatim piece that explores modern motherhood through the eyes of a diverse group of women. It attempts answer the questions: ‘Can one stay true to their feminist ideals while being a stay-at-home mother?’ and ‘How do modern mothers navigate parenting in the internet era?’

The women candidly discuss anything from preconceptions of motherhood, the internet, and the environmental and biological impact of having a child. The play addresses how our own backgrounds, societal shifts and online shaming, all shape the modern mother.

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